Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seriously addicted to Cath!

As you well know Im addicted to Cath
Maybe because its spring?
Maybe because the colours are energising?
Maybe because I live in a house full of boys ?

Maybe im just a little obsessive... ahem... 

That's why I NEEDED both of these!
(Only $19.95 now too btw)

Then yesterday I found this.

What's an addict to do?
Move to the UK?
Probably the only solution!

Maybe I could live here.

Nay... I MUST live here!

Id Cath it up a little

Yep, this is my house!
Courtesy of kfh
Oops... That right, I completely forgot to buy Paul Massey's house!

All Images of Cath's house from Lonny Via Here
Image of books by Me


  1. Megan I have a gorgeous Cath Kidston shoulder bag that you might want to buy from me. I purchased two but don't need two. It's still in the plastic. Let me know Sandy

  2. I think you have Cath fever...and it certainly is Cathy...eeerrr I mean Catchy ; )

  3. lol I can totally relate :) I LOVE the pic with the red dotty table!

    xx Karen


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