Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheap books!!!!

Just a quick post.
I jumped on the book depository site this morning and noticed that they have some incredible savings on some of my faves.
Ill be starting my Christmas shopping.

For a hardback save $40 OMG.

Also a hardback.
I've paid more for lunch!

This is only $26.10 today


$23.63 Again a hardback.

The paperbacks cost more than hardbacks today!

Paperback, but still awesome.

Their prices change frequently (and often really fast) with the exchange rates so hop over and check it out while the $dollar is still good.
Good luck.


P.S- I am an affiliate but I don't care if you use my links or not these are just bargains I wanted to share with my friends. Becoming an affiliate just seemed like a natural progression when I started blogging because I have such an addiction to the place, it was never considered to be a serious money making venture. 
I knew I would spend a whole lot of time blogging about the books I have and I wanted to make people aware (if you weren't already) that there is another option to Amazon. Books are sooo expensive in Australia that the Book depository is a thrifty option for us and shipping is what usually breaks the deal here so having free shipping is just extraordinary. 
 I get super excited about bargains and will tell anyone that stands still long enough, I am a tight ass after all. Im sure being an affiliate hasn't put people off but I just wanted to share with you why I am. Alright enough babble. Get on over there.   M xx


  1. A friend of mine only just last week told me about the book depository-it looks wonderful! Those books look divine, especially the Sophie Dahl book...I am so addicted to that show!

    Best wishes,

  2. Don't even get me started on the Book Depository... I discovered it a year ago and let's just say my cookbook and decor book collection has tripled since then ;-)


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