Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can I live here please?

Im currently craving space!

Small but still pretty



The rooms seem very small though don't they?

I could feel very inspired blogging from here.

Chair love.
(Im a sucker for anything old on castors)

Interesting bed!
(In a good way)

Oh Gosh!
Me + Book + Winter sun = Heaven

Interesting? Water vessel above a window?
Beautiful none the less.

Imagine being this organised in the garden!
And pretty!

More here.


  1. Hi Megan, I really love this little house! Thankyou so much for posting it. Do you think any men live here? I often wonder that when i see some homes!!! Sadly (for me) my husband does draw a line at some things!!!
    Laura xxxx

  2. Oooo, What a lovely clean and tidy house!
    Do you think they would like to do a house swap ?

  3. Ooo Megan, I Lurve this one!! I love popping over to see where we are going to live every week :)


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