Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where shall we live this week ?

Just wanted to share one of my all time favourite house tours.
I luuuurve this house.
Ill  call the removalists now yes!

My stupid diet and a very un me cookbook.

 Long boring story short.
Tests have concluded that I may have food intolerances.

 Enter the AWFUL elimination diet...
No wheat, No gluten, No yeast, No sugar, No dairy. Ahhrr.
The boy's are on a gluten free diet, not as bad but very hard for a 3 yr old who's used to eating everything.

We've been a bag of laughs in this household I can tell you...

Ive been pretty unpleasant, nasty withdrawals not to mention that it has killed my social life, I put myself into lock down as I could not be trusted but mostly... I just felt awful... all the time.
 I was no company.
 I had no idea I was so dependant on sugar, not the 2 teaspoons for my two daily coffees but everything else it mysteriously (and often mind bogglingly) is put into.
Its in virtually everything!!! 

Anyway, the cookbook.
This has really helped.
Excellent for the gourmet or not, its very creative but easy.
It eased my pain... Slightly.
Cooking for allergy's is so unnatural for me, I don't really enjoy it but Im adapting ok.
 I really feel for those gourmet mummy's whose children have serious life threatening allergies.
My heart goes out to you.

We are feeling better so it is absolutely worth it.

Do any of you have allergies or children with allergies, can you give me any tips?
I need all the help I can get.

btw if you want this book you can get it here

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We did a bad thing

Yep, we did a very bad thing.
We looked at a house on the weekend.
Just to add to our confusion.

Here it is from the outside, already ticking major boxes.
2 stories, views, timber windows, garage, unrenovated, NO ASBESTOS yay. 

Couldn't wait to get inside.

 cute yes!
Only when I did; I couldn't wait to get out!

I discovered the reason why it hasn't sold.
Its unliveable.
I have no photo's because I was kinda in shock and forgot to take any.
This was not what I expected, it looks like a dream reno project from the front.

I can look past horrid amounts of squalor and neglect and see the strong bones beneath but this one had me high tailing it to the front door.

The place was tidy, it wasn't at all squalid it was just VERY VERY WEIRD. 
WAAAYY too much work!
So its a big NO.

Why then have I not been able to get it off my mind?

Ive renovated it over and over in my head.
Ive extended and solved the structural problems then I even made up more possible problems these may create and solved them too...
Im obsessed! 

I thought I said NO?

And if you think Im going back this weekend to have another look and take photo's then you'd be...

 Absolutely right.

 Give up on me people Im a lost cause.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anthropology beats Kidston hands down.

Gasp... There I said it... Its true and that's coming from a die hard Cath kidston fan.
Anthropologie's collection of vintage inspired Christmas decorations are TDF ...without doubt.
Don't believe me? Check these out.

And also they have this twine which Ive been looking for now for the past 3 Christmas's

See, told you.

All Images courtesy of  Anthropologie

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roadside treasure No 2

Often hard rubbish day doesn't produce much in the way of real treasures especially if im late and go searching in the morning after everyone has already taken the good stuff. This time... well I cleaned up.

Treasure No 2

Have I ever mentioned how much I love old Thonet bentwoods? Because I do... Im quiet obsessed, Im annoying about it, they have to be old. 

My heart dropped then I believe my head exploded! 

The real thing!

In my excitement and haste to uncover its true condition I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned it, it was filthy, caked in mud and brown with years of dust.

Thank you Michael Thonet... You my friend were a genius.

I think ill leave it as it is. For now anyway.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Roadside treasure

Sometimes I am astonished at what people throw out. Like this gorgeous old step stool, solid timber, very well made and in excellent condition. This will have to wait for its make over im afraid as it is low down on my list of priority's but I just couldn't wait to share.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Would you rent again?

After owning your own home.
Would you?
Could you?

I ask because this is my predicament.

Whilst away we came to the realisation that this house is affecting our lifestyle in a very negative way.
We (and by We I mean He...ahem) had a light-bulb moment, so many reasons that I wont bore you with, layout,storage,busy road,SIZE just to scratch the surface, basically its an awesome house for a young couple with no children.

BUT...Its a good investment we don't really want to sell, we know we'd regret it.

 We are the worst house in the best street, my sparky (whom always seems to be here) calls it millionaires row...its not, but one day it will come close.
To quote our estate agent "You would be mad"... he actually talked himself out of a sale, how honest is that! 

So it seems we would be mad to sell... but we cant stay!
We rent it out and rent elsewhere.
OUCH...Raw nerve..

For so long we wanted out of the rental game. 
We wanted the freedom to make our own design choices, something to call our own, sentiments Im sure you're all familiar with.

Would renting be too stifling? would I hate it more than this?

 So I ask you this

Could you do it?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's your scheme?

 I adore Christmas.
Its a big event for our family.
We decide who's hosting and stay together all day.
Its starts with breakfast and presents (yes, for everyone from everyone, no Kris Kringle's here, that's just how we like it, we're all kids at heart) and goes all day till very late.
Every year I have a colour/pattern scheme for my decorating, wrapping etc.
This year im beside myself excited because Christmas is at my house for the first time ever.

This means my choice of table setting.
Im not sure yet which direction to go? It will have a vintage vibe certainly, I love what Cath is offering (Dah) but I need a more budget friendly option (there is usually around 25 people at our Christmas table and also...Im cheap).

Do any of you know already what your Christmas decorating scheme is?  or would you rather pretend its not happening so soon... been there too.

 Do share.
Id love to know how you creative people do the silly season.

All Images~Cath Kidston


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Im Back

Hello my lovelies.
Nope..I didn't cruise to the horizon and fall off the end of the world, Ive just been very busy getting myself together. 

Boy have I missed you all, I loved the break away though and now Im refreshed and inspired and ready to move forward, I have learnt many valuable things about myself and about balance and priority's, I may not be here as often as before but I'll still be here. 
Too much computer time makes me feel fuzzy headed and de-motivated, does it affect anyone else this way?

The amount I achieved whilst away is simply staggering, there are still many projects to finish, much editing and organising to do but Im no longer overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. 
Ive prioritised, learnt volumes about focus and the importance of quality down time, but more on that  another time.

For now, here is my new home...
 (Yep, im still dreaming of massive house's, the break away failed to extinguish that longing, in fact I believe it made it worse now that I truly know what I want and need, but more on that another time too)

All imageVia livinginside

 Its feels good to be back.
Can't wait to catch up!