Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My stupid diet and a very un me cookbook.

 Long boring story short.
Tests have concluded that I may have food intolerances.

 Enter the AWFUL elimination diet...
No wheat, No gluten, No yeast, No sugar, No dairy. Ahhrr.
The boy's are on a gluten free diet, not as bad but very hard for a 3 yr old who's used to eating everything.

We've been a bag of laughs in this household I can tell you...

Ive been pretty unpleasant, nasty withdrawals not to mention that it has killed my social life, I put myself into lock down as I could not be trusted but mostly... I just felt awful... all the time.
 I was no company.
 I had no idea I was so dependant on sugar, not the 2 teaspoons for my two daily coffees but everything else it mysteriously (and often mind bogglingly) is put into.
Its in virtually everything!!! 

Anyway, the cookbook.
This has really helped.
Excellent for the gourmet or not, its very creative but easy.
It eased my pain... Slightly.
Cooking for allergy's is so unnatural for me, I don't really enjoy it but Im adapting ok.
 I really feel for those gourmet mummy's whose children have serious life threatening allergies.
My heart goes out to you.

We are feeling better so it is absolutely worth it.

Do any of you have allergies or children with allergies, can you give me any tips?
I need all the help I can get.

btw if you want this book you can get it here

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