Saturday, October 9, 2010

A farewell (interspersed with some totally random eye candy... Just because...)

Thank you so much for your kindness my lovelies. You'll be happy to know that I kicked melancholy to the curb where it belongs, you must never let such self indulgent nonsense stay for too long.
I will be taking a break from blogging though.

We'll be cruising the pacific for a while, a nice way to wean myself as there will be no Internet, unless I want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on it, which I don't, I can think of better ways.

Then im taking some time to reassess and change some things in my life.
Re work our routines and where needed, create some.

Make room for positive habits like yoga and meditation.
And commit to them.

James Merrell
I just haven't been able to get the balance right, consistently, in any aspect, for way too long.
This needs to change.


There's nothing dramatically wrong.
Its just that familiar old story of a mother looking after everyone else first and foremost and for so long that she's forgotten about her own needs. 
Her health declines and things ache more than they should.
A sure sign of neglect.
Robert Gervais

I forgot the basic truth that in order to be good at what I do I need to take care of myself and occasionally put myself absolutely first. 

James Merrell

So until we next meet my lovelies.
 James Merrell

 Much love and bucket loads of respect to all you clever and inspiring people.

You have changed me.
Im very glad to have met you.
Be good to yourselves.

M xx

Melancholy visits me

Blogger is all over the place.
This post completely disapeared yesterday.
I found it hiding in the bottom of my post list. 
My dashboard is doing crazy things too.
Homes and Gardens

Its seems Ive been struck down with a case of melancholy.

My baby's 7th birthday.

One of my brothers had his first child today also. Eerie yes?
The city sage

Entertaining visitors tonight.

Children's birthday party Saturday.
Amy atlas.

And we leave for a 10 day holiday on Sunday.
(This is me on the deck... ahem)

As much as id love to indulge it, I just don't have the time.

And anyway there is so much to be joyful for. 

 So here's a painfully cute picture to cheer me up and melt your hearts.
I don't know where this is from but when I first saw it I completely melted...
Look at the tiny flippers!
The flippers people!
this has to be the cutest thing in the world!

Better now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy birthday my baby.

7 years ago today!
 You entered our lives.
And changed the way we did stuff.
For the better.
You're a good boy and a great friend.
A wonderful brother.
Lots of fun.
And we love you.

Today is for you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick DIY flower light garland.

Battery powered fairy lights and two bunches of plastic flowers. 

Which I completely de-constructed.

And attached.


 Im loving pretty.
 At the moment...

 Back to packing ;-)

All images ~ Me

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Very busy week here at the cottage.
School holidays have kept me on my toes.
(This is not what their room looks like now but I can dream)
Via~House to home

Its my oldest boys 7th birthday on Friday, mixed feelings on that one!  One cannot stop the passage of time I guess, so one must take a deep breath, hold on and enjoy the ride!
Age 2 hiding under a desk I was doing up.

And now.
Speaking of enjoying the ride
Next Sunday this is where we'll be, on this very ship cruising the pacific islands.
For 9 days.
I must start packing!