Saturday, October 9, 2010

A farewell (interspersed with some totally random eye candy... Just because...)

Thank you so much for your kindness my lovelies. You'll be happy to know that I kicked melancholy to the curb where it belongs, you must never let such self indulgent nonsense stay for too long.
I will be taking a break from blogging though.

We'll be cruising the pacific for a while, a nice way to wean myself as there will be no Internet, unless I want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on it, which I don't, I can think of better ways.

Then im taking some time to reassess and change some things in my life.
Re work our routines and where needed, create some.

Make room for positive habits like yoga and meditation.
And commit to them.

James Merrell
I just haven't been able to get the balance right, consistently, in any aspect, for way too long.
This needs to change.


There's nothing dramatically wrong.
Its just that familiar old story of a mother looking after everyone else first and foremost and for so long that she's forgotten about her own needs. 
Her health declines and things ache more than they should.
A sure sign of neglect.
Robert Gervais

I forgot the basic truth that in order to be good at what I do I need to take care of myself and occasionally put myself absolutely first. 

James Merrell

So until we next meet my lovelies.
 James Merrell

 Much love and bucket loads of respect to all you clever and inspiring people.

You have changed me.
Im very glad to have met you.
Be good to yourselves.

M xx


  1. This holiday sounds like just what you need. Enjoy the R&R and see you when you return! :) xox PS - I can relate completely to all your sentiments!

  2. I so hear you girl!! Sounds like the time away will be just what you need. Enjoy, regroup an re-energise, see you when you get back :0)

  3. Have the best cruise ever darling...I hope it helps clear the mind , and reawaken the soul...and if you can get your hands on that book Eat, love, Pray...then do will be just the perfect book for your little journey..and Im talking about the one within. Hope to see you here in blogland again soon lovely ...sending big hugs your way xoxoxox

  4. I so hope that your vacation is beautiful and that you come back refreshed and renewed. Take care of yourself and enjoy the break away from blogging too...I sure do hope that you will be back soon all the same!

    Best wishes always,

  5. Enjoy your cruise! All the best! Kellie xx

  6. I've come past to say hello but looks like its goodbye too :) Hope you have a lovely break and come back recharged. I can relate to how you're feeling, I think we all feel like this at times and we do have to put ourselves first sometimes xx

  7. You have no idea how much I relate to this post. Things definitely ache more than they should, and I too am tired. If only I was brave enough to call time to recharge my batteries.

    Have a lovely time Honey Pie.x


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