Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Very busy week here at the cottage.
School holidays have kept me on my toes.
(This is not what their room looks like now but I can dream)
Via~House to home

Its my oldest boys 7th birthday on Friday, mixed feelings on that one!  One cannot stop the passage of time I guess, so one must take a deep breath, hold on and enjoy the ride!
Age 2 hiding under a desk I was doing up.

And now.
Speaking of enjoying the ride
Next Sunday this is where we'll be, on this very ship cruising the pacific islands.
For 9 days.
I must start packing!


  1. Now that's a groovy and inspiring kids room. My son starts 'big' school next year and I'm already heart sore although I know it's part of life, and he'll love it.
    How nice to have a holiday to look forward to! Sonia :)

  2. Oh lucky you! Have a most wonderful relaxing time :)


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