Saturday, October 9, 2010

Melancholy visits me

Blogger is all over the place.
This post completely disapeared yesterday.
I found it hiding in the bottom of my post list. 
My dashboard is doing crazy things too.
Homes and Gardens

Its seems Ive been struck down with a case of melancholy.

My baby's 7th birthday.

One of my brothers had his first child today also. Eerie yes?
The city sage

Entertaining visitors tonight.

Children's birthday party Saturday.
Amy atlas.

And we leave for a 10 day holiday on Sunday.
(This is me on the deck... ahem)

As much as id love to indulge it, I just don't have the time.

And anyway there is so much to be joyful for. 

 So here's a painfully cute picture to cheer me up and melt your hearts.
I don't know where this is from but when I first saw it I completely melted...
Look at the tiny flippers!
The flippers people!
this has to be the cutest thing in the world!

Better now.


  1. Hi Megan:) I am sorry you were feeling a little down yesterday. I hope things look a whole lot sunnier for you today:) Happy belated birthday to your little sweetie and congratulations on your new nephew! Hmm, Blogger has been misbehaving everywhere, it seems...grrr! Glad you found your post though:) Anyhoo, hope you have a wonderful holiday and oh my goodness, that little seal is the cutest thing I have seen in ages!! ~ Tina x

  2. Megan, I know how you feel about blogger; it can be so annoying and frustrating.... I am having trouble just reaching everyones blog when i click on the list from my blogroll... But sorry you havent been feeling great. But a holiday away sounds perfect!! I hope you have so much fun!!!
    Laura c xxx

  3. Those flippers are sooo cute....cheer up sad sack...ha ha just jokes no seriously, I hope you are back to your cheery self soon and look how stunning you look in a one piece!! ha ha, cheers Katherine

  4. Hahahaha, yep Im pretty hot in a one piece.. Thank you so much guys your awesome M xx

  5. I meant YOU'RE awesome... Would you believe that's one of my pet


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