Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday show and tell

Good morning my lovely's.
Im hoping you had a wonderful weekend?

I had a small list of things to get through and guess how many I got done?
That's right... none..
zilch Nada.
Way too many fun things happened this weekend so I just gave up and went with it.
I did get this last week though and forgot to tell you.
My new dinnerset.
35 pieces for $30.
Ive always loved Broadhurst Ironstone, the willow pattern when im in a blue mood but rosalie  has always been the pick but I couldn't buy it new.
You can imagine my excitement when I found this perfect set.
Some pieces are faded to perfection and others don't seem to have ever been used.  
Im super happy.
I love it.

This is the reason I achieved very little on the home front.

I haven't been to putt putt golf (mini golf) since I was a kid.
The place hasn't changed (or been cleaned) except for more weeds growing up through the matting.
Its an absolute dive, such a shame, but it was still fun.

But this was better.

I do love Australia in winter.
I also went to see some friends in "The boy from Oz" at our local Musical society,
Its the Peter Allen story, It was so good, we have some real talent here.

Ok, Im off to start all those things that didn't get done.
There will be a reveal this week I promise.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy happy weekend.

Wishing you all a happy creative weekend.

Ill be doing lots of spring cleaning.
Hopefully lots of reading as the much awaited book finally arrived and
I'll also be doing something with this.

To make my boys room look more like the above photo

My oldest is at the stage where he needs a space for homework and the mountains of school paperwork that comes with being a busy yr 1 student.

Ill also be finishing some projects that Ive mentioned here before (ages ago) but had failed to finish and show you, more on  that next week.

(This is cute, probably a bit too pink for my boys though) 

Whatever you are doing this weekend I wish you wonderful one.

All Images ideal home

Loving modern country

This is my latest read.
At first I wasn't terribly keen on the whole country thing.
Scary images of bad 80's country decorating filled my head.
But then I read a glowing review from someone I trust.

This is a very nice book
Its modern country
There's plenty of white and vintage
And beautiful old house's
Everything Im currently loving 
Its not instructional, it just focus's on lovely house's decorated with C&R fabrics
Its a really nice coffee table book.
That's all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cottage visitor.

This pair sat outside my kitchen window for ages,the partner was a little camera shy though.

When we lived on the property I would feed the Rainbow lorikeets every morning.
They would line up on my windowsill at sunrise and squawk until I got up, then they would fly around to the front of the house and meet me on the balcony ready for breakfast, clearly they are very intelligent birds.
 We had huge numbers arriving daily, they would perch on my outstretched arms in an attempt to be the first to the food plate in my hand
Visitors were amazed and would "waste" rolls of film taking photos of the event, I was tediously under-whelmed by the whole thing, to me this was normal (and I was also a teenager!!!). They were noisy and bossy and beautiful and I took them for granted. 

Now its a real treat just to see one so close.

I was so thrilled in fact that I was driven to take a photo...Ahem...this felt very strange...
I guess I now understand. 
I do miss living in the bush!
I hope they visit again soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe we'll need a bigger house.

It seems every one wants to move into the shabby farmhouse with me.
Excellent! only im not certain its big enough.
How about this one?
Its not as shabby but it is lovely and white.

This will be my room.

You guys can sort out who gets this one.

We can all blog from here.

And pick flowers from the garden.
What do you think?

All Images skona hem

Waiting for the postie

Im waiting for this arrive.
It should have been here yesterday (according to my calculations)
I can hardly wait as I adore everything Selina lake does. Im right in the mood for pretty too.
Doesn't it look just lovely!

If you're interested 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can I live in this please?

I want a house that looks like this!
A big old white beauty.
With lots of room for everyone.
And lots of room for play.
Shabby and grand and perfect!

With grey shutters!

Any time now will be fine!

Images living inside via Modern Country

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

My first blog award

Thankyou Laura from my summerhouse for my first blog award.
 I love her blog , she is just so lovely and has been very supportive of me as a (relatively) new blogger .
 Thankyou again  Laura.
 Im thrilled that blogging has given me the opportunity to meet so many beautiful and talented people.

Ok so im supposed to say 7 things about myself then pass it on to other bloggers that inspire me.
Here we go.

7 things

1~  Im the youngest of 6 kids, 3 girls 3 boys.

2~ We were brought up Catholic (surprise surprise) And although I no longer practice I do have a thing for religious iconology in decorating. Unfortunately its a look Ive not successfully achieved.

3~ Whilst building our childhood home we lived for a time opposite the old orphanage grounds in Catholic housing. Id spend my days hanging out with the priest and the Nuns who lived there, we were lucky, they were all genuine and lovely people.They adored me and I them, I was 4.  I remember it as one of the happiest times of my childhood.

4~ I grew up on a 16 acre property. Im still not used to living in suburbia.

5~  I come from a theatrical background (musicals) my parents were (and still are) heavily involved in the local musical society since before I was born. I loved performing from an early age and started doing shows as soon as I was old enough to audition.
I haven't been on stage since my children were born.


7~ I don't like raw tomato.

Ok.. so if you are still with me after all that rambling here are the lovely fellow bloggers that Id like to pass this award onto.

1~ Katherine from theoldboathouse
(She has been super supportive and patient with my inexperience  from the very first day I started blogging and Im so grateful).

2~ Anna from lonadeanna

3~Elizabeth from iheartsunnydays

4~Alicia from time-worn-style

5~Ness from marleyandlockyer

6~Wendy from homemakinginhighheels


All these bloggers inspire me and all for completely different reasons.
I hope you can accept.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can anyone help me identify this piece?

How old is it, when was it made, how do I tell?
From the outside this doesn't look to me to be a piece of  Parker furniture.
(It vaguely hints at being art deco, but its not even really that.)
But then you open it and the detail on the inside and the obvious craftsmanship says otherwise.

Oh and then there is this!

Is this an early piece maybe?
I would assume that no other company could use the name Parker...Or could they?
What was written in the scratched out bit, the rest of the company's name perhaps?
Or maybe the word "Esque" or "Like " or better still "Not" lol.

 I just don't know enough about this stuff and I cant find any information on it anywhere.
So its over to you.
If anyone could educate me on this matter I will love you forever.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ebay bargains

Here's my latest ebay bargain.
$30 yep Baargain.
It needs a bit of work.
 Apologies for the awkward photograph.
We had to put it in place immediately because the outside room wasn't an option during the flooding episode (and the kitchen was already full) so I didn't get the chance to paint it while it was outside. 
Im actually kinda glad I lived with it for a while first because I think I may keep it looking chippy.

Ill need to find another handle... somewhere?

The yellowy green has to go... 
(Im thinking pale pink)

What do you think?
Potential yes.

And as we are talking about wardrobes.
Here's some more.

Images.1&2 Desire to inspire,Living etc, Apartment therapy,5&6 unknown,