Sunday, August 15, 2010


Im loving pink at the moment.
In all its shades.
Subtle and bold.

Wondering how im going to incorporate it into my house.

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  1. hi hun, I do hope you are feeling better... such a shame about all of your vintage treasures, are they okay now? I hope so.. I love all of your gorgeous pink images; my favourite colour always!!! Hope you had a glorious weekend!
    hugs, Lauraxxx

  2. Oh thank you darling for that wonderful dose of it! Love the first image especially..perfection! x

  3. Hey girls, thanks for stopping by. Laura I did manage to save the majority of my things,they are now in slightly worse condition but thats fine and at the end of the day its just stuff,i know what truly matters. Thanks so much for listening to my rant lol xxx
    Anna, that is my absolute favourite too it is just perfection. xx


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