Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ebay bargains

Here's my latest ebay bargain.
$30 yep Baargain.
It needs a bit of work.
 Apologies for the awkward photograph.
We had to put it in place immediately because the outside room wasn't an option during the flooding episode (and the kitchen was already full) so I didn't get the chance to paint it while it was outside. 
Im actually kinda glad I lived with it for a while first because I think I may keep it looking chippy.

Ill need to find another handle... somewhere?

The yellowy green has to go... 
(Im thinking pale pink)

What do you think?
Potential yes.

And as we are talking about wardrobes.
Here's some more.

Images.1&2 Desire to inspire,Living etc, Apartment therapy,5&6 unknown,

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  1. A bargain buy..and yes..I love it a bit chippy too...would look great in a soft pink..look forward to seeing it all done up! x


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