Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cottage visitor.

This pair sat outside my kitchen window for ages,the partner was a little camera shy though.

When we lived on the property I would feed the Rainbow lorikeets every morning.
They would line up on my windowsill at sunrise and squawk until I got up, then they would fly around to the front of the house and meet me on the balcony ready for breakfast, clearly they are very intelligent birds.
 We had huge numbers arriving daily, they would perch on my outstretched arms in an attempt to be the first to the food plate in my hand
Visitors were amazed and would "waste" rolls of film taking photos of the event, I was tediously under-whelmed by the whole thing, to me this was normal (and I was also a teenager!!!). They were noisy and bossy and beautiful and I took them for granted. 

Now its a real treat just to see one so close.

I was so thrilled in fact that I was driven to take a photo...Ahem...this felt very strange...
I guess I now understand. 
I do miss living in the bush!
I hope they visit again soon.


  1. Aren't they gorgeous! So colourful and pretty to look at :)

  2. I love reading this. It makes me feel like we´re having a cup of tea.

    It´s so wonderful, for so many reasons. You´re doing it.

    Much love.

    PS it´s me...don´t know how to do this properly. That´s why it´s just called Family...well, don´t really know why, it just IS.


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