Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild weather.

When we decided to get another shed to store all the lovely vintage things Im going to start selling on ebay, this is what I had in mind.

And this is the reality.
Not so pretty its true but absolutely functional.  
Its not forever, just until we build up.
We can handle ugly until then.
So I packed up my pretty's and stored them safely in the shed.

Then it started raining.
All night long.
Heavy rain and lots of wind.
It ripped the roof right off my ugly shed.
With all my pretty things inside...
Im a tad sad about that.

The kitchen flooded again too.
Everything that was in the shed is now in the tiny lounge drying under the heater.
Furniture, paintings, vintage linens the list goes on.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do.
I have a really bad cold as well  
Im feeling a bit sorry for myself can you tell...

Im staying calm though.
All will be well.
As soon as I find a massive house to move into.
realestate.com here I come.

Im taking a little break until I can sort out this mess in my house and my head.
I fear this cottage may have broken me.
The view is stunning but the house is a bitch.
And Im not sure its able to change.

Odd and annoying things seem to happen here.
We're all sick a lot too.
My health has never been so bad.
Sometimes I find it hard to breath.

For some reason this house has resisted almost every change we've made.
Its as if it doesn't want to be fixed.
Not like a normal renovation when the house appears to breath a sigh of relief.
This ones seems to tense up and suffocate.
 Then it throws all these unusual consequences of our improvements at us as if in revenge. 
It has handed us some bizarre and dangerous challenges along the way.
I think im finally over it.
There's only so much one can take.

I think this relationship is over.

Maybe im being over dramatic. (highly likely ;-) 
Tomorrow will tell.
Till then my lovely's..

(Thank goodness I have you guys to vent to, I thank you all so very much)


  1. Oh yuk you poor sweetie!! I do understand we lived in a house about 14 years ago and it just had a bad feeling the whole time, when we finally left and i mentioned to the neighbours they said everyone who had lived in it felt the same...strange I know but true. Hope all improves soon and you will be up and selling, if you need any tips let me know, not that i am saying I am an expert but just that i'm happy to help, cheers Katherine

  2. Darlin', Hang in there! Weather can be a pain... in 1994 I had 3 feet of water from a flood in my old house, decided not to return to it and now live in a most precious house that is my heart. Will say a prayer for you. Hope next week is better. Lisa

  3. Hey girls, thank you so much for stopping by and listening to my rant lol I really appreciate it. Still not sure what to do on the house front but at least we're not flooding any more, that will help tremendously. Katherine Thank you so much for your offer, I need all the help I can get, I often have no idea what im looking at (as far as identifying age etc) I just know what I like, you are an expert as far as im concerned and you have a fabulous eye, I could learn a lot from you.I truly appreciate it.xxx


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