Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bench seat love

This beautiful piece belongs to Samantha from the nest, (Love her blog, you must go check)

You see Ive moved things around a bit in my kitchen, it wasn't working for me. I had put an island bench where there really was no room for one and It seems that lately everyone's been bumping into each other, falling over each other and generally getting in the way, it was becoming frustrating and I was annoyed at myself for making what is a pretty good sized kitchen unnecessarily small, we ended up with stacks of unused space behind the island and no-one was using it to sit at anyway.

This house is small enough and I had effectively made our most important room smaller and non-functional.


See here 

And with the door open
The stools were moved to this side because the door kept opening on people.

Which then gave us very little room on this side, the busy side.

The other side (and my beloved op shop find pantry... Adore..Sigh)

I still really like this layout, just not for a family with busy kids.
See the wasted space.
Not to mention that the lights visually lower the ceiling height.
I knew all this at the time but im so stubborn I convinced myself Id be able to live with it.

All because I fell head over heels for that table.
I was going to incorporate it regardless. 
I love that table.
But I love my family more.
And my sanity.
So the table has to go.

Here's where the bench seat comes in.

The inside of Samantha's bench

I want somewhere comfortable to sit so people can hang out with me in the kitchen.
We need a place for Ruben to dump his school bag and stuff.
Perfect solution.
Im just not sure where to find one around here.
Do these even exists in this country?
Id love an old one .
New will be absolutely fine though.

Any Ideas.
Has anyone seen these in Aus?

P.S. I received my very first blog award the other day from the lovely  Laura of My summerhouse, thank you so much Laura, ill be posting about it soon. 

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  1. Now that is a lovey bench seat. I've not seen one like that before, but I want one now! That is a very nice table though :)


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