Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ok this is weird.

I went scouring some charity shops on the other side of town with a friend the other day  (she is the best friend to go thrift shopping with because we are interested in completely different stuff so there no fights over cool finds, hehe) Anyway, remember how I found these handled milk glass things (what are they actually called?) and the Pyrex pie dish? 

Well look what I found this time, 

In completely different charity shops miles away from each other at completely different times.
They're not even the same denomination.
Its the same pattern, ohhhh spooky.
I have a matching set now.

And this
Yes a bigger Pyrex pie dish.
(incidentally Ive been searching for these pie dishes for ages with no luck and I also needed the two sizes) 

I love it when stuff like this happens.
Does this happen to you guys?
Id love to know your story's. 


  1. I sometimes see things like that at different shops on different sides of's strange indeed. Makes me wonder if people donate half their stuff to say Lifeline and the other to Vinnies?

  2. Oh yay!! Something similar happened me when I found 2 matching glasbake casseroles in an op shop and a week later found another the exact same at a garage sale :-)


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