Saturday, July 3, 2010

My thrifting senses are tingling.

Right or wrong I needed to go to this new demolition yard I found in the local paper, I never know where these ideas come from but Ive learnt to trust them. I needed to find pedestal sinks so I assumed that was what I was going to find. Only I didn't find any pedestal sinks (well I did they just weren't appropriate, Im not ready to put those fabulous pink sinks back into house's yet)  My thrifting senses were still on overload but I wasn't sure why until I spied the biggest treasure of all treasures for my bathroom... The Bath...OMG the Bath, an original 1940s cast iron claw foot in virtually perfect condition. I had given up the search for these years ago, I had resigned myself to the fact that we'd have to either buy a new one ($1200 was the cheapest Id found) or be prepared for the biggest ebay fight of my life and still probably pay too much and travel too far.
A bath was the last thing on my mind but there she was with the more than fair price tag of $500. The Man comes over to see if he can help, we get to talking, he gives me his life story, it turns out he knows my family, we both grew up in the same area, our family's are two of only a hand full left that are (as he likes to call it) true locals (100 years or more, old old school.) "By the way, ignore all the price tags", he says "they're wrong, $250 for you love"...  I always trust my thrifting senses...

It is in excellent condition for it's age.
I have a fair bit of work to do but that's never scared me off.


She was born on the 24. 12. 40  he says as he turns it over just to show me the date stamped underneath.
Cast on Christmas eve!

How cool is this... It even has my initial under the rim...

We'll be painting the underside black.

The Claws. Rusty but solid.

I love the detail on this one.
They'll look great when they're painted.

We also acquired 3 new/old doors.

We currently have those flat characterless hollow doors and have always wanted to change them for solid moulded timber but couldn't justify the expense. We've never found any at a reasonable price even at demolition yards, today was a very different story, my new best friend gave us all 3 for $100.
They need a good clean and a fair bit of work but they're in good solid condition and they will make an enormous difference to the feel of the house.


  1. Don't you love female instincts??!! What a fantastic find ... think you should visit your new best friend often - you never know what you may find. I bet if you asked, he would be straight on to looking for those sinks! Hope your having a good weekend. Michelle

  2. It just shows it always pays to haggle....when it comes to vintage the first price is never the price....well done, can,t wait to see your bath all restored, cheers katherine

  3. Wonderful finds! You will LOVE changing out your doors. We replaced those ugly hollow core things with French doors in our house and it made a huge difference.

  4. Wow, that's definitely a steal! I'd love to see the finished result!

    p.s. I found your blog through Decrology. My name is Li - pleased to meet you, Megan!

  5. Love the bath Meg, That will look so great with a white bathroom, it should really stand out. Have to get the name of that yard from you.

  6. Wow, what beautiful finds, that bath is stunning and those doors are so much more beautiful than the modern hollow ones that are everywhere now!


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