Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse

What a busy weekend. This is the first chance I've had to sit down at the computer for days, hence the lack of blog posts. This weekend was my baby's 3rd birthday. I cant believe he's already 3, its shocking and scary how fast its going, which is why I've been spending every spare second I have with him, playing with his new toys, painting and drawing with him more than usual. It has brought me back to the realization that it will soon be gone and I need to be here with him enjoying every second. I knew this already of course but sometimes it hits you harder than usual and so you go the extra mile, answer a few less emails, avoid over scheduling yourself so as to have more time doing the things they love, you know how it goes.

His party was fun. It was a very low key affair, just family a BBQ a pinata  and of course the cake.

He wanted a dino cake.
Of course.

Spongebob was a tough one.

It took many many whacks  before he'd release his treasure.


We needed backup from his big brother and cousins (Whom I cant show because I need permission first before I put photos of them here, the problem being that none of my family know I have this blog so I cant ask. Just in case you were wondering why there never seems to be any other kids about.) He had lots of fun and is still recovering from the sugar overload.
Anyway I must go, we have a Diego puzzle to finish.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New cookbook

This arrived yesterday.
It kinda goes hand in hand with the whole organic thing.

I was vegetarian for nearly 7 yrs. 
 I do love a good vege cookbook and I've heard good things about this one.

This one looks good also.
I think I just like it for the title.
It looks fun.
Ive heard mixed reviews though.
We'll see.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ahhh Toast. You nail it every time. 

Tiles Wow!

I found a stack of these jars once

You even make bins look pretty.

(Images~ Toast)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty plates

Lately I appear to be having a lot of success finding vintage plates at completely silly price's.

 10 for $1
I gave her $2

She threw these in for nothing.
I tried to give her more.
She wouldn't take it.

Maybe I should start a plate wall ?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Organic

Clearly inspired by this weekends reading.

We're going Organic.

On a full time basis.

Ive been thinking about it for some time.
It will mean some sacrifices but I think it is worth it.

One bite of those apples and I was transported back to my childhood camping holidays. We'd buy fresh produce from roadside stalls and always had to remove the worms from the corn cobs, I thought it was gross, I was 10 after all. Now I understand. Besides the health benefits I want my children to know exactly what an apple is supposed to taste like.
I just feel better this way.

(Btw~ That cute oilcloth tablecloth made its way from Beach Vintage. Simone's wonderful new shop. I think I have a new addiction.)

(Im totally in love with both Sophie Dahl and Nigel Slater. If you're interested  Go here. ) xx 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Finds and I need your help again.

I found this on the side of the road.

Isn't she gorgeous!

I am going to fix her up for my baby's 3rd birthday next weekend.

She's quiet badly damaged though. 

I usually love a fair bit of character but in this case it may be too much, keeping in mind that she will need to withstand some more pretty rough treatment as my boys are not particularly gentle. 

She'll get a new Tail and Handle.
But here's the quandary 
Do I completely re-paint her so she's pretty and new (but still keep the bumps and scratches of her history).
Or do I leave her as she is and just give her a good coat of lacquer.
Pretty and new (ish)
Shiny and old ?   

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Cosy Weekend

Theses baby's arrived a while back but I've not had much time to enjoy them.

I adore both of these people.

This is what ill be doing this weekend.

To me they both mean comfort.

Have a comfortable weekend.


Friday, June 18, 2010

My first blog addiction

If you haven't experienced her yet you simply must visit The Vintage Housekeeper herself , Alison May at Brocante Home.  This blog was my first blog addiction and years latter nothing has changed, still one of my favourites. She is currently running a giveaway for a $60 Amazon voucher, go check it out. xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It has been years since I raided the Living etc files. Im really liking what im finding there at the moment.
We'll be embarking on a bathroom remodel soon.
We keep putting it off because it is such a massive job.
We only have one bathroom so we'll have to move out for a week or more.

It needs to be a bath with a shower as the space is so tight and of course I want to incorporate vintage finds.

All images ~ Living Etc.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My first Estate Auction

I went to my first ever Auction on Saturday. It was a very badly run Auction, extremely disorganised and at some points just surreal. Ive been told they are not all like that but Im thinking that here it worked in our favour, these people clearly had no idea. For example (and this is just one) at one point they started the bidding at $5 for a melamine tray. Not a cool old one, Nope, just one of those ugly trays you get at a discount shop for $2 or less...It was passed in...Dah. But they then decided NOT to auction a set of old 1960's metal cups in perfect condition because they were just junk...Hmmm ok. The set of 6 very badly scratched and dented Woolworths brand non-stick fry pans flew out the door for $10 and they were bitterly disappointed... Riggghhhtt... Anyway...Although im still grumpy that a lady stole my metal cups (We'd arranged to make an offer for them and some other "junk" after the auction so my mother asked this women who was standing in the way if she could pass them to her off the shelf behind her, she turned around, saw exactly what they were and then pretended not to have heard and ran off with them, we found out latter she offered him $1 WHICH HE ACCEPTED.)  I still managed to get some incredible bargains though.

All those books were $10. He wanted more and called me a hard task master but I stood my ground because I was grumpy about my cups lol.

These were $2 for both.

That platter was $2.50 and the cute letter holder just $1.
I cleaned up.
Im over the cups now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are timber venetions a suitable substitue for shutters?

WARNING. Ugly before photos.

I know I know the answer really is no but what if you dont have the $40thousand (or there abouts) you need to get shutters. I need to put them here. Two windows in the same room. I would then put a light curtain (possibly sheer) on the rods.
We have them in the kitchen and I like them there but these windows are huge and different sizes, one would have to have two blinds on it as its so wide, would it be too much? would they look cheap? Im  just not completely sold yet? Help.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogger HELP, has anyone used the new templates yet?

Ok, so I changed my blog background and format today using the new Blogger templates. I usually use google chrome when I log in but the other half uses internet explorer, he was online so I asked him to just check in on the blog and tell me what he thinks of the new look and what I found in front of me was completely different to what I see when using google chrome. The photos were out of alignment and had changed position, had shadowed borders completely off centre and the colours were different and some were missing completely, it was a horrible mess. Is it just my computer or is this what you are seeing and if so how do I fix it. I am so crap at solving computer probs, I need a computer nerd on a permanent basis I think.

Toy cupboard before and after.

 One very solid but ugly cupboard that was on its way to the nearest charity shop.


The boys insisted that it looks better with the dinosaurs, I said if you must use them then put a few more on... "No Mum, it looks best this way" I would never hear the end of it if Id showed it any other way.

I still have to paint the shelf but I thought Id post it now rather than wait until however long its going to take before I do that.
Now we have lots of room for their toys and art stuff.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Aga

More files for the new kitchen. So much for staying focused on the boys room...ahem...
I know I want an Aga, I have always loved them, whether I get one or not is another story. 

I don't necessarily love all these kitchens (except for the first two) but I was drawn to them all for the love of the Aga.
I wonder what they are really like to use?
Images~House to home and Homes and Gardens

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My favourite book

Talking about inspiration...I grabbed this off my bookshelf today and have fallen in love all over again. This is hands down my favourite book on the subject of family living. It is visually stunning, comforting and full of really good advice, its a constant source of inspiration, love love love. (It does make me pine for a larger home though, oh well, keep the dream alive.)

Kids rooms

More lovelys I found over at Table tonic
Via~ Domino,realliving,Black eiffel. 

More kids rooms

I have a tendency to meander through decorating projects. The boys need their room finished so im staying focused on that... kinda... It all depends on whether the pieces I need to finish the job present themselves. Decorating with second hand finds means that most of the time fate dictates the speed of the process. Its just a matter of time really but I do believe that having a clear idea of the desired outcome helps. So basically im bombarding myself with images in an attempt to stay focused. Heres just a few.

I Like the colours here and of course that bed.

I have chairs the same colour just older.

When oh when will Cath Kidston open a shop in Australia. I love the cowboy design. 
(Can anyone tell me of a reliable stockist here?)

I have done the blackboard thing, I had it all over the house pretty much (floor to ceiling, you needed a ladder to reach the high bits but it was fun at party's.) I have just finished painting it all out. I think I went too far though as im finding im missing it. Do I dare.

All images ~Housetohome