Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My first Estate Auction

I went to my first ever Auction on Saturday. It was a very badly run Auction, extremely disorganised and at some points just surreal. Ive been told they are not all like that but Im thinking that here it worked in our favour, these people clearly had no idea. For example (and this is just one) at one point they started the bidding at $5 for a melamine tray. Not a cool old one, Nope, just one of those ugly trays you get at a discount shop for $2 or less...It was passed in...Dah. But they then decided NOT to auction a set of old 1960's metal cups in perfect condition because they were just junk...Hmmm ok. The set of 6 very badly scratched and dented Woolworths brand non-stick fry pans flew out the door for $10 and they were bitterly disappointed... Riggghhhtt... Anyway...Although im still grumpy that a lady stole my metal cups (We'd arranged to make an offer for them and some other "junk" after the auction so my mother asked this women who was standing in the way if she could pass them to her off the shelf behind her, she turned around, saw exactly what they were and then pretended not to have heard and ran off with them, we found out latter she offered him $1 WHICH HE ACCEPTED.)  I still managed to get some incredible bargains though.

All those books were $10. He wanted more and called me a hard task master but I stood my ground because I was grumpy about my cups lol.

These were $2 for both.

That platter was $2.50 and the cute letter holder just $1.
I cleaned up.
Im over the cups now.


  1. Well done on your purchases, cheers katherine

  2. You've ended up with a few nice goodies there! Love the little letter holder.


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