Friday, June 11, 2010

Toy cupboard before and after.

 One very solid but ugly cupboard that was on its way to the nearest charity shop.


The boys insisted that it looks better with the dinosaurs, I said if you must use them then put a few more on... "No Mum, it looks best this way" I would never hear the end of it if Id showed it any other way.

I still have to paint the shelf but I thought Id post it now rather than wait until however long its going to take before I do that.
Now we have lots of room for their toys and art stuff.


  1. What a great transformation! Love the dino, and the chalkboard on the front.

  2. Fantastic job it! Thanks so much for swinging by and visiting my blog...I hope you enjoyed it.
    A x

  3. Wow what a great job...I love love the dinosaurs! My little men are now big men and i so miss my dinosaur days, cheers Katherine


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