Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More kids rooms

I have a tendency to meander through decorating projects. The boys need their room finished so im staying focused on that... kinda... It all depends on whether the pieces I need to finish the job present themselves. Decorating with second hand finds means that most of the time fate dictates the speed of the process. Its just a matter of time really but I do believe that having a clear idea of the desired outcome helps. So basically im bombarding myself with images in an attempt to stay focused. Heres just a few.

I Like the colours here and of course that bed.

I have chairs the same colour just older.

When oh when will Cath Kidston open a shop in Australia. I love the cowboy design. 
(Can anyone tell me of a reliable stockist here?)

I have done the blackboard thing, I had it all over the house pretty much (floor to ceiling, you needed a ladder to reach the high bits but it was fun at party's.) I have just finished painting it all out. I think I went too far though as im finding im missing it. Do I dare.

All images ~Housetohome

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