Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Organic

Clearly inspired by this weekends reading.

We're going Organic.

On a full time basis.

Ive been thinking about it for some time.
It will mean some sacrifices but I think it is worth it.

One bite of those apples and I was transported back to my childhood camping holidays. We'd buy fresh produce from roadside stalls and always had to remove the worms from the corn cobs, I thought it was gross, I was 10 after all. Now I understand. Besides the health benefits I want my children to know exactly what an apple is supposed to taste like.
I just feel better this way.

(Btw~ That cute oilcloth tablecloth made its way from Beach Vintage. Simone's wonderful new shop. I think I have a new addiction.)

(Im totally in love with both Sophie Dahl and Nigel Slater. If you're interested  Go here. ) xx 

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  1. Great decision. I think about doing it sometimes but organic stuff is ridiculously expensive in Sydney, we'd go broke!


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