Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids rooms

I like the vintage vibe of these.

All images~ Living etc
Im needing inspiration for kids rooms... ours is small and there is only one so I have to make the most of it. Where is the best place to go for kids room inspiration????


  1. I love these rooms too, especially that Cath Kidston wall paper! I wish my boy was young enough to want it but alas he is a tween now and is more into pokemon, mario and his wii! He has even started his own baby is growing up!

    Love your blog! I can see this is going to become a favourite very quickly!!!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  2. Absolute best sites for kiddie room inspirations are
    Ohdeedoh does some great kids room tours, loads of ideas! Love the ones you've picked, I'm going on a trip to Ireland soon and am definitely buying some of that Cath Kidston wallpaper!!


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