Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are timber venetions a suitable substitue for shutters?

WARNING. Ugly before photos.

I know I know the answer really is no but what if you dont have the $40thousand (or there abouts) you need to get shutters. I need to put them here. Two windows in the same room. I would then put a light curtain (possibly sheer) on the rods.
We have them in the kitchen and I like them there but these windows are huge and different sizes, one would have to have two blinds on it as its so wide, would it be too much? would they look cheap? Im  just not completely sold yet? Help.


  1. My sister has done the same thing to her living space used white timber Venetians...and they look great...and she only has decorative curtains on either side to add a pop of colour.
    They are a cheaper alternative....shutters are just gorgeous aren't they...but insanely expensive.
    I also love Roman blinds..have you considered those? :) x

  2. Hi Megan, I know your dilema. I really wanted shutters on my house too but as we're planning to knock down and rebuild in the future we didn't want to waist money on them. We bought Shutter Blinds from and we are very happy with them. They're def not as gorgeous as shutters but for 1/10th of the cost they're great and create a similar look.We're v happy with them. Hope that helps. Jxx

  3. I love white timber venetians I think they will look great, cheers Katherine

  4. We actually have some inside our home. I just love them. They don't date and just look so fabulous.


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