Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cupcakes and a thrifting mission.

My nieces came over today. The perfect opportunity to test a cupcake recipe for Jesse's birthday party.

They were a hit.
Thankfully it has stopped raining here so they could go outside for a backyard picnic and run off all that sugar.
After having to lug half the kitchen outside in order to achieve this picnic it occurred to me that I should probably invest in a set especially made for the job. So this week I have a very specific thrifting mission = To find all the necessary pieces for a children's vintage picnic set. One that can be called into action within a moments notice, that contains all the unbreakable but pretty pieces essential for a kiddie picnic and also looks good as it will probably have to be on display somewhere because we have no room left anywhere. I think I can do it, ill keep you posted.


  1. Hi Megan. I love the that oilcloth?

  2. Oooh they look scrumptious and I'm loving that dotty tablecloth! Soooooo Brocante...

  3. Hi Simone. Oh I wish it was but alas its a plastic one I found at spotlight,ive been searching for a similar oilcloth everywhere and have been outbid on ebay several times,its a compromise but its still cute and I love it too.

  4. How wonderful!The vintage picnic set is a great idea...Half the fun will be in the gathering;)


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