Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse

What a busy weekend. This is the first chance I've had to sit down at the computer for days, hence the lack of blog posts. This weekend was my baby's 3rd birthday. I cant believe he's already 3, its shocking and scary how fast its going, which is why I've been spending every spare second I have with him, playing with his new toys, painting and drawing with him more than usual. It has brought me back to the realization that it will soon be gone and I need to be here with him enjoying every second. I knew this already of course but sometimes it hits you harder than usual and so you go the extra mile, answer a few less emails, avoid over scheduling yourself so as to have more time doing the things they love, you know how it goes.

His party was fun. It was a very low key affair, just family a BBQ a pinata  and of course the cake.

He wanted a dino cake.
Of course.

Spongebob was a tough one.

It took many many whacks  before he'd release his treasure.


We needed backup from his big brother and cousins (Whom I cant show because I need permission first before I put photos of them here, the problem being that none of my family know I have this blog so I cant ask. Just in case you were wondering why there never seems to be any other kids about.) He had lots of fun and is still recovering from the sugar overload.
Anyway I must go, we have a Diego puzzle to finish.


  1. This Blog Rocks!.........Sooo many useful ideas! I am currently redecorating and love the colours you have chosen. I'm inspired oxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Ohh yeah!! big fan of Thrift shopping atm!


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