Sunday, May 22, 2011

A change of focus

It doesn't take much for me get lost in the world of kitchens, I love the planning stage and get completely immersed in the process, I love the destruction of the old and assembly of the new, we have done 3 kitchens so far ourselves and I adore every step, they are really easy for me because I just love them.

What doesn't happen so easily for me is bathrooms, they kinda scare me, the thought of ripping apart the space and starting again has me in a fluster, where do I start?  what do I need?  what's the order of work for a bathroom?  all these questions are second nature for me when it comes to kitchens, but bathrooms!

Im completely out of my depth and feeling very detached from the whole process, not a fan of this feeling at all.


We are re-doing our bathroom before anything else happens so I need to get my head around it.

The problem with small budget DIY renovation's is that you have to just jump in and do it and learn as you go. 
We have to do it ourselves or it just wont get done, we have a sparky and a good plumber but everything else is up to us, the planning, the ordering, the demolishing, the tiling/waterproofing, re plastering  etc etc.. my head is spinning.

I know many of you have done exactly this so if you have any advice for me don't hold back, Id really appreciate it.

So this is me re-focusing, here start's my obsession with bathrooms
 (I know... Im all or nothing, its either obsession or complete inaction, there's no in between) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Its still all about kitchens

We want wall panelling similar to this.

Last three all via house to home.

This would have to be my favourite.
I am going to need to recycle the kitchen we already have which means keeping the timber bench top...for now... Im aiming for soapstone one day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Book depository bargains

Just a quick one to let you all know about this.

as if you didn't know already ;-)

Im currently reading this 
and im loving it.
Have you read it yet? what did you think?

I know Ive been absent lately, much is happening that is keeping me away from the fabulous distraction that is blogging and blog hoping, but I will be back to it soon.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Kitchen obsession begins...again

My kitchen obsession has been seriously reignited.

via house to home

Ours needs to be a Galley style, long and skinny.

Never short of inspiration in blog land.

If you know of any cool kitchen sites do tell.


The decision.

There is serious talk around here of renovations.
Real ones... offering real solutions to real tiny house problems.
This is very exciting.

via desiretoinspire

To date all we have done here was "polish a turd" so we could either 
handle living here until we have the cash to re build OR sell it on fast to a developer (the only person that would actually consider buying it, seriously it is that bad!) OR rent it out and keep it as an investment.

Truth is we cant handle the lack of space and the crappy layout any more, the boys are getting bigger and louder and needing more space.

 So we looked to rent but could not find anything.

Rebuilding is not in the foreseeable future.

 We have been looking for a new house to buy and in exhaustion have come to this conclusion... 

Whatever we can afford to buy would be the same size and condition as this and needing renovation anyway, so we would be in exactly the same position only with one massive downfall.

We'd lose this
The reason we bought this house in the first place.

So we are staying put and renovating in two stages.
The cottage will be extended sideways and the floor plan re worked and will include LOTS of new storage space... sigh, then in a few years we will finish with a second story addition to capture the best of the views.

I can hardly contain my excitement.
Via designsponge

Assuming everything goes according to plan we should be starting in spring.
ill keep you posted.

Thanks for staying with me, I know it was a bit of a long one, hugs : )