Sunday, May 22, 2011

A change of focus

It doesn't take much for me get lost in the world of kitchens, I love the planning stage and get completely immersed in the process, I love the destruction of the old and assembly of the new, we have done 3 kitchens so far ourselves and I adore every step, they are really easy for me because I just love them.

What doesn't happen so easily for me is bathrooms, they kinda scare me, the thought of ripping apart the space and starting again has me in a fluster, where do I start?  what do I need?  what's the order of work for a bathroom?  all these questions are second nature for me when it comes to kitchens, but bathrooms!

Im completely out of my depth and feeling very detached from the whole process, not a fan of this feeling at all.


We are re-doing our bathroom before anything else happens so I need to get my head around it.

The problem with small budget DIY renovation's is that you have to just jump in and do it and learn as you go. 
We have to do it ourselves or it just wont get done, we have a sparky and a good plumber but everything else is up to us, the planning, the ordering, the demolishing, the tiling/waterproofing, re plastering  etc etc.. my head is spinning.

I know many of you have done exactly this so if you have any advice for me don't hold back, Id really appreciate it.

So this is me re-focusing, here start's my obsession with bathrooms
 (I know... Im all or nothing, its either obsession or complete inaction, there's no in between) 


  1. I'm with you Megan. Bathrooms are sooooo difficult to design. Do you go all white, do you have feature tiles, one basin or two... I hated picking out things for my bathroom. But love the end result :)

  2. I have been thinking about bathrooms a lot lately too. We need to renovate ours soon and I have started finding pictures too. I suggest that you look for inspiration on Pinterest, that's where I've been looking!

    Have fun and best wishes for a lovely week,

  3. We are just about to do our bathrooms. I desperately wanted a claw foot bath but the evil husband wouldn't let me do it, sob! Can't wait to see what you do with yours! x

  4. you have found some gorgeous inspiration Megan, I especially love the shower curtain in the first pic!! good luck with your renovations!
    Laura x

  5. Beautiful inspiration Megan, especially that fourth bathroom! Have a wonderful day, Sasha x

  6. I'm very lucky to have a claw foot bath,my husband loves soaking in it..These bathrooms are to die for..xx

  7. Beautiful inspiration images. I design both bathrooms & kitchens for a living & I have a real passion for both. check out my blog page for tips & advice I have just set up a page especially on bathrooms.
    Love your blog im your newest follower :0

  8. Hi Megan,

    Just found your blog and SO enjoyed visiting - I fall hard and fast for a good kitchen and you have a ton of them here! Lovely! I'll certainly be back!

  9. These tubs are divine! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  10. I'm trying to get my head around the kitchen and bathroom at the same time and I think my brain may explode.

  11. Looking forward to hearing about the process (in as much nitty gritty detail as possible, please!) as I moved house this year and when we can afford it I'll need to fix up the bathrooms and the kitchen (the plumbing comes first though - eeek!).

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  14. I like the second design. It's simple and comfortable to enjoy the bathtub. A complicated arrangement will make you more stress and tired of seeing.

    Helen @TeFl ClasseS

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