Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Won

It seems im the lucky girl today. After visiting theoldboathouse the other night and leaving a comment I won this, yay how excitement.
 I was so intrigued  by this book that last night I shuffled over to the book depository and put it on my wish list (not even thinking that I may actually win it) the only reason I didn't buy it then and there was because it was out of stock...thankfully... I cant wait to check it out, I have many books on vintage living but they are all UK based and although stunning and inspiring they are not really relevant to my here and now. Its going to be so refreshing to read and learn about Australian vintage style. Sooo many thanks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

See.. I do need help.

Here's the vintage floral's I was talking about, all just a bit messy and crooked really... any suggestions would be appreciated. (besides straightening them hehe, as ive already done that)

Actually they don't look so crooked from this angle.
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Kitchen love

The little cottage may be getting a second story. We are only in the talks stage but it looks promising for the not too distant future, this is a very exciting proposition as we REALLY need the space especially as the boys get bigger and louder but im mostly excited because I get to plan a kitchen from scratch. I love kitchens as I love to cook and I've always wanted a kitchen that feels like the heart it should be, so far ours have been too small to really get the most out of and they've never really been a comfortable place to hang out but now's my chance. We have literally only just finished our existing kitchen redo (in fact there is still some painting left to do) but its no loss as we wont be starting anything for a few years yet, im just getting my inspiration folder ready and here's the first few...The challenge? How to make a new kitchen (and indeed house) look old... I can hardly wait.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage finds

It's happened again... 
The universe has delivered this to me. Funny  I find nothing like these anywhere around here for years then I get two within weeks of each other, im not sure how old this one is but apparently it has been recently reupholstered. All I need to do now is get the sewing machine out, it would seem I have lots of slip covers to make.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage artwork

This I like. I have a thing for floral still lives, in all their vintage amateur glory; it's an obsession up there with chairs. I have a hard time convincing the other half that this is a good thing though, the house is slowly turning into a storage facility for failed artists broken dreams. They are not all on the walls, mostly they're hiding in drawers and behind doors ( im hoping he never happens to look behind the vintage wardrobe). I think I need a stylist as my interpretation of this look falls short, if it actually looked like this im sure he'd be convinced.
 Table tonic

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cool vintage finds

I found this cute vintage suitcase
I opened it up just to inspect the condition and this is what I found, Gasp...yes my heart was all a flutter.

It is in fantastic condition.
Cool yes, im not sure yet if im going to sell it or keep it, I do love the idea of vintage styled picnics.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kitchen fireplaces, I really want one.

Its getting cold here, winter is approaching, im a fan of winter, the cosiness, the food, the homey atmosphere. 

Its about this time I start dreaming of fireplaces, we have none but id love at least one, oh the luxury of having a kitchen fireplace... sigh... nothing says loving cosy home more,  everything I am about.
Images: Domino, Homes and gardens, Elle Decor.