Wednesday, May 26, 2010

See.. I do need help.

Here's the vintage floral's I was talking about, all just a bit messy and crooked really... any suggestions would be appreciated. (besides straightening them hehe, as ive already done that)

Actually they don't look so crooked from this angle.
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  1. Hi megan, thanks for visiting theoldboathouse. i love your florals and admit I always have a soft spot for them too and can never leave them behind when clearing an estate etc. I think they look pretty fab as they are, cheers Katherine

  2. I love your vintage florals...I am actually posting about mine tomorrow so hope you can call back in.

  3. Hi Megan you are the winner of my giveaway, if you send me your address via email I will get it off ASAP, cheers Katherine


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