Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kitchen love

The little cottage may be getting a second story. We are only in the talks stage but it looks promising for the not too distant future, this is a very exciting proposition as we REALLY need the space especially as the boys get bigger and louder but im mostly excited because I get to plan a kitchen from scratch. I love kitchens as I love to cook and I've always wanted a kitchen that feels like the heart it should be, so far ours have been too small to really get the most out of and they've never really been a comfortable place to hang out but now's my chance. We have literally only just finished our existing kitchen redo (in fact there is still some painting left to do) but its no loss as we wont be starting anything for a few years yet, im just getting my inspiration folder ready and here's the first few...The challenge? How to make a new kitchen (and indeed house) look old... I can hardly wait.

All images Living etc


  1. I love that pink wall if only I was brave enough.

  2. all awesome kitchen pics, and all from living etc - love it - they are always so fantastic! x

  3. Aren't they just,im seriously considering a subscription.


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