Thursday, July 1, 2010

A long post about good food and books.

In the spare time I had over the weekend I did finish reading the Moosewood cookbook and I have to say that sadly I was a little disappointed. Although the hand written text was cute I found it a little hard to follow and it kinda made every page the same, a little dull. The layout was confusing and the pictures were not in sync. From what I've heard the Moosewood is a bit of an institution in America so I was expecting something quiet interesting and innovative. I didn't get it. Most of the recipes were pretty ordinary. Having said that It did inspire me to cook and I will use it for some dishes in the future, perhaps it was just me, I have pretty high standards for vege food. This book was written in the 1970s after all and most of the updated recipes still called for the same ingredients available then just in different quantity's for a more health conscience era.

For starter vegetarian cooks its probably pretty good, the recipes are simple and after all it is about getting people to eat good fresh food but if you want truly amazing and innovative green cuisine than you can't go past the Greens cookbook

Ive had this since the early 90s (it was released in 1987) its now yellowed and battered and the slip cover is torn but it is well loved and well used and no vegetarian cookbook has ever come close. The recipes in this book are so good I have actually had carnivores turn for them (albeit not for long, but hey its a big comitment) It uses all manner of interesting (but available) foods in interesting ways. I cant recommend this book highly enough.
Rant done and thank you. ( when did this become a food blog?)

This is what I cooked.
Loosely based on a Refrito (refried beans)recipe from Moosewoods.
very loosely.

Chilli bean fajitas 
Onion garlic sauté, add green pepper.
Add water. Reduce slightly.

Add tomatoes, chilli and spices. simmer 5 mins
Chilli flakes, 1 teas cumin, 1/2 coriander, pinch thyme, sea salt to taste.

Add Mushrooms and red kidney beans.
Simmer and reduce 20 mins /half hr ish.
Lettuce, cucumber, spring onion,avocado,yoghurt, cheese. 
This was really good.

Sorry for the unappealing final photo,I left out all the greens we'd gathered from the vege garden. There are none of the finished product either because we were all too hungry to hang about waiting for me to take pictures.
(It seems this is where it became a food blog)

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