Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lovely legs... How I completely wasted precious time !

I picked this up for a bargain.
Very nice legs and the promise of a stunning top under the revolting cover.
The man (what knows stuff...apparently...) at the charity shop told me so.
"You're a lucky girl " he said "She'll be a beauty when you sand her back, solid top and quiet old she is too".
I was ever so excited to have acquired such a piece.
Fantasy's of solid scrubbed pine running through my head.
She will be my new kitchen table! 

So I spent a day sanding,scraping and scrubbing with love, removing mounds of glue and weird black goopy stuff.
Only To Find...

... VENEER ... 

Badly made veneer too
Stained and chipped and lifting apart.

Utterly deflated I delegated her to the junk room study to be burdened by clutter until I decided what to do with her.

Finally the new shed is ready and we need a table for it.
Excellent, but I had to do something with the top, I didn't want it getting more damaged.
"I know",
Im clever, ill just quickly chuck an oilcloth cover on it. No need to glue or prepare it properly as its only a fast temporary fix. 

So I cut

And Stapled.

Ran out of staples.
Only had single ones floating around the bottom of the bag which I painstakingly loaded into the gun 1 by 1.
The whole exercise took an hour and a half!

All that effort.
 So I could make it look


Im a genius.
Its not even smooth.

Sometimes I am astounded by my talent...

She will do for now.
Yes I have learnt my lesson.

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