Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shower curtains

I know Im jumping the gun a little but as Im obsessing over my new bathroom I need to know what style of shower curtain Ill be making. I made this one for our current sad excuse for a bathroom because I loved the  Anthropologie ones but it needed to be a half size and besides that Im cheap and impatient so I wasn't forking out dough and waiting for delivery when I could do it myself immediately.

This is our current bathroom.
Teeny tiny and old.
(You cant see it here but the bath is broken in many places and green, ugly green, not cool.)

Im thinking.
Something like this one perhaps!
(Apologies, Ive had this so long I now have no idea of the source, Anyone ?) 

Or maybe some vivid colour!

Or simple, perhaps even linen!


  1. Oh wow I love your shower curtain, I would love to know more about how you made it. Cheers katherine

  2. I love that vivid colour one, you would feel very invigorated having a shower


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