Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It arrived on a Statue day (and lots of thank you's )

Yep... at the very odd late and cold hour of 7:30 last night with the rain belting down hard outside I heard the familiar THUD and a loud mumbled "Delivery" (a sound ive become very tuned into hearing) No way I thought, not this late. But there it was. Perfect, im in for a comfy night curled up warm on the sofa with my new book, "Excellent my day has turned around" I say , you see yesterday was one of THOSE days, you know the one's where nothing works and everything is off kilter, plans go awry and everything breaks, well we call them Statue Days; Because some days you're the pigeon and other days you 're the statue. So I open up the packaging to find this.
So beautifully packaged with a wonderfully thoughtful card (thank you Katherine) I have to take a photo now before I unwrap and devour it so you can see just how much care went into it, quickly I run and grab the camera for one fast shot...The battery is dead, no life at all, nothing. So to the phone camera then, nope we have no cord thingy to get the photos off and it wont let me email them... Grrrr... Such is the Statue day.

So I waited till morning till the battery is charged and after the school run was done with coffee in hand I finally unwrap, sit and be inspired.

As you probably know this is a signed copy, isn't this lovely.
This book is timely, Im only a few chapters through but already im completely inspired, already it has given me the energy I needed to make a move on this house. Everywhere I look there is something to be done, so many projects half finished so much half hearted decorating, there is just so much to do that I just don't know where to start... so I don't do anything at all... I have as my other half would say Analysis Paralysis, the main reason for starting this blog was to keep myself motivated and since I started blogging I have been welcomed and supported by complete strangers through comments and emails in a way that I certainly was not expecting. So, many thanks to everyone involved in this book making its way to me, it really does feel a little like divine intervention. 

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