Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy happy weekend.

Wishing you all a happy creative weekend.

Ill be doing lots of spring cleaning.
Hopefully lots of reading as the much awaited book finally arrived and
I'll also be doing something with this.

To make my boys room look more like the above photo

My oldest is at the stage where he needs a space for homework and the mountains of school paperwork that comes with being a busy yr 1 student.

Ill also be finishing some projects that Ive mentioned here before (ages ago) but had failed to finish and show you, more on  that next week.

(This is cute, probably a bit too pink for my boys though) 

Whatever you are doing this weekend I wish you wonderful one.

All Images ideal home


  1. Ohh what is it? cant wait. xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing the transformation of the desk - great inspiration images.
    My weekend has been filled with kids swimming and dancing so far, but tomorrow I am looking forward to catching up with friends over lunch.
    Hope you are having a great weekend. Michelle


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