Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday show and tell

Good morning my lovely's.
Im hoping you had a wonderful weekend?

I had a small list of things to get through and guess how many I got done?
That's right... none..
zilch Nada.
Way too many fun things happened this weekend so I just gave up and went with it.
I did get this last week though and forgot to tell you.
My new dinnerset.
35 pieces for $30.
Ive always loved Broadhurst Ironstone, the willow pattern when im in a blue mood but rosalie  has always been the pick but I couldn't buy it new.
You can imagine my excitement when I found this perfect set.
Some pieces are faded to perfection and others don't seem to have ever been used.  
Im super happy.
I love it.

This is the reason I achieved very little on the home front.

I haven't been to putt putt golf (mini golf) since I was a kid.
The place hasn't changed (or been cleaned) except for more weeds growing up through the matting.
Its an absolute dive, such a shame, but it was still fun.

But this was better.

I do love Australia in winter.
I also went to see some friends in "The boy from Oz" at our local Musical society,
Its the Peter Allen story, It was so good, we have some real talent here.

Ok, Im off to start all those things that didn't get done.
There will be a reveal this week I promise.


  1. Looks like it was a great day - and a lovely find you've made - what a bargain!

  2. What a gorgeous dinner set - awesome find. Lucky you :) Looks like you have a marvellous weekend.


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