Friday, August 20, 2010

My first blog award

Thankyou Laura from my summerhouse for my first blog award.
 I love her blog , she is just so lovely and has been very supportive of me as a (relatively) new blogger .
 Thankyou again  Laura.
 Im thrilled that blogging has given me the opportunity to meet so many beautiful and talented people.

Ok so im supposed to say 7 things about myself then pass it on to other bloggers that inspire me.
Here we go.

7 things

1~  Im the youngest of 6 kids, 3 girls 3 boys.

2~ We were brought up Catholic (surprise surprise) And although I no longer practice I do have a thing for religious iconology in decorating. Unfortunately its a look Ive not successfully achieved.

3~ Whilst building our childhood home we lived for a time opposite the old orphanage grounds in Catholic housing. Id spend my days hanging out with the priest and the Nuns who lived there, we were lucky, they were all genuine and lovely people.They adored me and I them, I was 4.  I remember it as one of the happiest times of my childhood.

4~ I grew up on a 16 acre property. Im still not used to living in suburbia.

5~  I come from a theatrical background (musicals) my parents were (and still are) heavily involved in the local musical society since before I was born. I loved performing from an early age and started doing shows as soon as I was old enough to audition.
I haven't been on stage since my children were born.


7~ I don't like raw tomato.

Ok.. so if you are still with me after all that rambling here are the lovely fellow bloggers that Id like to pass this award onto.

1~ Katherine from theoldboathouse
(She has been super supportive and patient with my inexperience  from the very first day I started blogging and Im so grateful).

2~ Anna from lonadeanna

3~Elizabeth from iheartsunnydays

4~Alicia from time-worn-style

5~Ness from marleyandlockyer

6~Wendy from homemakinginhighheels


All these bloggers inspire me and all for completely different reasons.
I hope you can accept.


  1. Awwww...thank you so very much so sweet of you for giving my/my blog a mention. Im so glad and thankful that you find my blog inspirational in some way...your a gem. And I loved reading your 7 things..its so nice to know a little more about you...there are 9 in my I know what its like coming from a big family..I loved it and wouldnt have it any other way.
    Thanks again so much sweety...have a fabulous weekend xo

  2. Hello my dear Megan, thank-you for your lovely words and for passing on this award to me. I loved reading more about you and I admit I dream of being in amateur them! Maybe one day I could bribe my local theatre company to let me in the chorus with the promise of providing fab vintage props haha, cheers katherine

  3. Hi Katherine, I have sent you an email from comments,Ive tried to do this before but apparently some of them hadn't gone through(either Im a total technology doofus and ive done it wrong or my computer is being mean, both are very possible lol)let me know if you didn't get it and i'll email you directly. Megan xx

  4. Oh this is so sweet of you Megan. Thank you very very much, I'm glad you enjoy reading the piffle I sometimes write!! Right back at you, you inspire me so much and I always enjoy catching up with you. I've enjoyed reading the things you've shared about yourself. I'm confused about the raw tomato bit though - my hubby doesn't like raw tomato either, but loves tomato sauce and eats anything with tomato in it like spaghetti sauce or lasange etc, or cooked on pizza.

  5. You are most welcome Elizabeth and thankyou... Lol,yep I know, the tomato thing is a bit odd. The thought of a slice of fresh cut tomato makes me utterly shudder but squish it up add some basil salt pepper and warm it through and Ill have seconds, I use heaps of tomatoes in cooking too. go figure. xx

  6. Thank you so much for this award!!! I really love your blog, it's so beautiful and stylish and your style of writing is just so lovely to read :-) And I enjoyed reading your 7 facts, I was brought up Catholic too :-)


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