Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We did a bad thing

Yep, we did a very bad thing.
We looked at a house on the weekend.
Just to add to our confusion.

Here it is from the outside, already ticking major boxes.
2 stories, views, timber windows, garage, unrenovated, NO ASBESTOS yay. 

Couldn't wait to get inside.

 cute yes!
Only when I did; I couldn't wait to get out!

I discovered the reason why it hasn't sold.
Its unliveable.
I have no photo's because I was kinda in shock and forgot to take any.
This was not what I expected, it looks like a dream reno project from the front.

I can look past horrid amounts of squalor and neglect and see the strong bones beneath but this one had me high tailing it to the front door.

The place was tidy, it wasn't at all squalid it was just VERY VERY WEIRD. 
WAAAYY too much work!
So its a big NO.

Why then have I not been able to get it off my mind?

Ive renovated it over and over in my head.
Ive extended and solved the structural problems then I even made up more possible problems these may create and solved them too...
Im obsessed! 

I thought I said NO?

And if you think Im going back this weekend to have another look and take photo's then you'd be...

 Absolutely right.

 Give up on me people Im a lost cause.


  1. How funny. Renovating sure gets in the veins. Try to take photos next time! Your friend in a house half full of asbestos. :)

  2. Hehehe, that's very funny. I've been there too... renovating in your mind, getting obsessed. I think it's the house lovers version of those women who like to go out with the 'bad guy' so they can try and fix him :)
    Oooo... keep us informed, those views are BEAUTIFUL!
    p.s. from your friend also in a house half full of asbestos :)

  3. Second viewings are all about the technicalities. But whatever you do, trust your instinct!
    Megs x


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