Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's your scheme?

 I adore Christmas.
Its a big event for our family.
We decide who's hosting and stay together all day.
Its starts with breakfast and presents (yes, for everyone from everyone, no Kris Kringle's here, that's just how we like it, we're all kids at heart) and goes all day till very late.
Every year I have a colour/pattern scheme for my decorating, wrapping etc.
This year im beside myself excited because Christmas is at my house for the first time ever.

This means my choice of table setting.
Im not sure yet which direction to go? It will have a vintage vibe certainly, I love what Cath is offering (Dah) but I need a more budget friendly option (there is usually around 25 people at our Christmas table and also...Im cheap).

Do any of you know already what your Christmas decorating scheme is?  or would you rather pretend its not happening so soon... been there too.

 Do share.
Id love to know how you creative people do the silly season.

All Images~Cath Kidston


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  1. My only decorating is for the tree and a few other bits of tinsel around the place. We're going to my in-laws this year. I'm very unorganised. You're the complete opposite. I admire that! :)


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