Friday, November 12, 2010

Would you rent again?

After owning your own home.
Would you?
Could you?

I ask because this is my predicament.

Whilst away we came to the realisation that this house is affecting our lifestyle in a very negative way.
We (and by We I mean He...ahem) had a light-bulb moment, so many reasons that I wont bore you with, layout,storage,busy road,SIZE just to scratch the surface, basically its an awesome house for a young couple with no children.

BUT...Its a good investment we don't really want to sell, we know we'd regret it.

 We are the worst house in the best street, my sparky (whom always seems to be here) calls it millionaires row...its not, but one day it will come close.
To quote our estate agent "You would be mad"... he actually talked himself out of a sale, how honest is that! 

So it seems we would be mad to sell... but we cant stay!
We rent it out and rent elsewhere.
OUCH...Raw nerve..

For so long we wanted out of the rental game. 
We wanted the freedom to make our own design choices, something to call our own, sentiments Im sure you're all familiar with.

Would renting be too stifling? would I hate it more than this?

 So I ask you this

Could you do it?


  1. Hmmm, it is a tough call. You could always try renting it out whilst you live somewhere you prefer (something that ticks all the boxes for your family) and give yourself 6-12 months to make a decision. That way you may be able to work out what your priorities are, and where you want to go in the future. Decide if you like being landlords even? :) Good luck! x

  2. I agree with Sonia. Set yourself a time limit to see if you can manage. At least you have a choice at the end of that time, and you haven't done anything drastic like sell your beloved home. All the best x

  3. Thanks girls this really does help, when I see it on paper it seems so simple and it is I guess. (Toby thinks you're both genius's by the way,he loves the fact that someone agrees with him lol) Megan xx


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