Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roadside treasure No 2

Often hard rubbish day doesn't produce much in the way of real treasures especially if im late and go searching in the morning after everyone has already taken the good stuff. This time... well I cleaned up.

Treasure No 2

Have I ever mentioned how much I love old Thonet bentwoods? Because I do... Im quiet obsessed, Im annoying about it, they have to be old. 

My heart dropped then I believe my head exploded! 

The real thing!

In my excitement and haste to uncover its true condition I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned it, it was filthy, caked in mud and brown with years of dust.

Thank you Michael Thonet... You my friend were a genius.

I think ill leave it as it is. For now anyway.


  1. What a great find! This chair is adorable. I've been very lucky with the road side dumps myself :) So where will you put it?
    Megs x

  2. This is an AMAZING find!! Well done. Have you put any more thought to rent/buy? Agree the bright yellow looks great. Perfect for summer. I can see lots of photos with this as the perfect styling prop! :)

  3. Its pretty cool isn't it. Funny story, yesterday my brother gave me 4 more he found at auction for virtually nothing... never rains but pours lol.
    We did a bad thing on Saturday and looked at a house to buy...Now we're even more confused. Renting is still high on the list though, for now. Megs xx


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