Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Club Chairs

My heart aches for these.
Ive been on the hunt for an old club chair for many many years.
Ever since I let a beautiful faded red one go about 10 years ago.
My local charity shop was virtually giving it away for $40.

thejunkcompany Via glimpse of style

But it was so heavy and we were just about to move into our first house together and were drowning in stuff already so the other half talked me out of it (He didn't understand my love for vintage and op shopping at first, he was a consumer of new only, he's since seen the error of his ways) He now admits that he was very wrong.

red ticking

Ive not found one since, well not for a reasonable price anyway.

I wouldn't say no to this either.
thejunkcompany Via glimpse of style

And that was also the last time I listened to him Lol.


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