Friday, September 3, 2010


And has this happened to anyone else?
Whilst chatting to a friend this morning It was brought to my attention that she had never received any replies to the comments she left... That's very odd because I replied directly to her every time...

 This obviously leads me to think that this has been happening to most of my replies (I know some went through as Ive had return emails)
I have to admit that I had a suspicion something wasn't right, I checked what I was doing, fixed some settings probs and went back to it thinking everything was fine, but apparently not.

I felt physically ill at the thought of all the lovely comments you left appearing to be ignored (minor panic attack set in with me pacing the house saying shit repeatedly lol yes, funny now.)

What is the point of blogging without the lines of communication open? that is the best part for me, to be able to talk to others and share ideas and information and to make new friendships.

So I guess all I can do now is apologise and reassure you that I do love you ;-) and I fully appreciate you all and thank you for hanging around even though I seemed to be ignoring you.

 Im getting someone to check it out as I think its more than something Im doing (Im unable to leave comments sometimes, Ive lost posts then they reappear and my settings change for no apparent reason, just odd stuff, nothing else is affected just blogger) So im hoping all will be better soon.

Those roses are real by the way! they are called happy roses, interesting aren't they.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend .
p.s~ Ill reply in comments until Im certain its fixed.


  1. You are so sweet! Please don't feel you have to reply every time I leave a comment.I know all too well that it is easy to forget to go back and visit people or sometimes, you just have too many other things going on in your life (like kids, family, work etc) to be worrying about commenting!

    Best wishes for a gorgeous weekend,

  2. Hi Megan.... I have just found your blog via Sandys blog...

    Dont stress....Hey...we are all just working women/stay at home mums...doing lots & lots of stuff...

    It all sorts itself out in the end...

    i often read lots of blogs & then ending up leaving ONE big comment for several of the posts...
    & HEY...i have 2 x adult kids?? are they still kids when adults??
    well they are still my babies!

    anyway...dont stress..I really do NOT have any excuses for some of my failings in blogland..

    Leaving comments/Not leaving comments...its NOT that important as we ALL know who our true friends are in the end...
    I just have a short blog list...& I have met quite a few of them in person..
    THEY ARE THE BEST....whether I leave comments all the time or intermittently...
    I feel there is a BOND...

    hope this makes you feel better??

    take care...x andrea

  3. I always get your replies lovely...and know that you get all is working on our end :)

  4. What cool flowers, a definate talking point. Technology can be frustrating sometimes, maybe its actually your friends computer having the problem!!

  5. Hi Megan, How frustrating and even though we all tell you not to stress I know if it were me I would be super annoyed and saying the same words haha. Maybe as Trish says it is your friends computer, I know sometimes with me in the past, I have left the page before comments actually go through and I have learnt to wait till they either appear or you get the message about it being saved till blog owner approval, i find sometimes i have to re enter passwords or those word recognition things. This is not on your blog but all blogs, anyway hope it all sorts out soon, have a lovely weekend cheers Katherine

  6. I know how you feel when you think you have let others down. All I can tell you is that I am receiving your comments so all is fine on my end. I agree with Katherine, I used to leave sites too soon and have learned to wait until I see my comment, or a message appears. I'm sure all is well - it may just be your friends computer. Try to forget about it and have a great weekend. Michelle

  7. Thanks for all your feedback guys I really appreciate it. You've made some good points so ill check its not me doing it wrong, I didn't think of it maybe being her computer that's a very good point too I kinda just panicked and posted lol in hindsight I could have just emailed the people concerned I guess,gotta love hindsight. I will do as you all say though and not worry about it any more, done is done. Thank you again my lovely friends. xx


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