Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My latest finds OR what the *$#% am I going to do with these?

Beautiful old books.
(These aren't the problem I know exactly what im going to do with these!  Hoard them for no specific reason!)

You know how much I love old books.
I picked these up at the in-laws garage sale, I never knew they had so many.

Vintage Maps.
Mostly from the 80s.
(Does it bother anyone else that the 80s are now officially classed as vintage?)

1$ a packet from Vinnies.
I bought all 6, I couldn't leave any behind.
This isn't even half of them.

Im sure I've seen heaps of projects that use old maps.
(Like I don't already have enough projects im not finishing.)
Ive got no idea what im going to do with them.

Wallpaper the boys room maybe.

Pair this with some Cath Kidston Cowboy print and I may just have a theme for their room...finally...
If only they liked cowboys!

Im open to suggestions!
What would you do with them?


  1. Megan, what lovely finds, You could do wrapping paper, make little pom pom garlands, cover books, try look at papertreedesignsblog, she has lots of ideas for things she sells using old maps. Her link is on my blog roll if you are interested.
    Laura c. xxx

  2. What great finds - love the old books and their gorgeous colours! But I didn't realise the 80s were now classed as vintage - that does make me very worried indeed ...

  3. Great finds! I adore old maps and have a stack myself. I saw on table tonics blog the other day where someone is covering large letters with old atlas pages - you could do this for their names. Hope your having a great week. Michelle (thanks Laura for suggesting my blog too!)


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