Monday, September 27, 2010

Im addicted to Cath Kidston! Can you help?

Happy Monday my Lovelies.

I know Ive been a bad blogger lately.
Ive promised photo's of this and that and explanations and whatnot and Ive delivered none.

All sorts of important nonsense took my hand and led me away from my computer and Ive only just made it back.
I will make up for it this week!

Doing an image search this morning for more Cath Kidston inspiration I found something really disturbing!

This photo! 
How come I never knew this existed?

Im sure Ive mentioned it before, this kitchen is my all time favourite ever in the whole entire world bar none ever! true!

I first encountered it here like this.
I fell hard for Paul Massey's London home (He has since sold it I believe, shame I didn't have a spare couple of $Mill that week!)

Then I saw it here looking like this
Image Via here

As The delicious miss Dahl's kitchen.
And I fell even harder
(She has finally made it to our shores via foxtel but more on that latter, have I mentioned how much I adore Sophie Dahl?)

But now to see it like this with a Cath  Makeover Im simply beside myself.

When did this happen? How did I miss this? 
And how can I get more?
I must know?
Can you help?

Righty-yo  then, Im off to Cath up my kitchen!


  1. Love the colours. I have been working on some lovely coloured pieces these last few weeks, can't wait to reveal.
    Cannot believe this is the same kitchen.

  2. Looks great all white, but now with all that Cath it looks FaNtAsTic!!


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