Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have a glitch...

No virus ... Yay
No human error...Mostly (Doh)...Yay again. 
But no real solution... Damn.
It's the same glitch that caused this and will "probably just go away by itself".

The cheeky gremlin as its now affectionately known, is causing all sorts of silliness to occur.
He deactivates the post comment button, he's moved nearly everything to my junk box, he changes my font randomly  (I did that for dramatic purposes fyi, he seems to be co-operating today) 
and now he's taken to changing my font colour whenever he see's fit.
Things take twice as long because when they change it refuses to change back.

So, Ive decided to just ignore it and go with it, if I need to reply to anyone ill do it via my personal email, and ill just post in whatever format it decides, actually this could be fun!

Thank you all for your feedback, it was really helpful and it certainly eased my worried mind.

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