Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are bikes in decorating the height of chic? Mine sure is...Ahem...

I found these images over at design sponge illustrating just how good bikes can look in the home!

The other half is a keen cyclist.

He loves his bike.
Every opportunity he can get to ride he does.

It goes without saying that he loves Le tour.

When he cant ride outside he puts the bike on a trainer (this basically turns it into an exercise bike) and he rides in the lounge room whilst watching TV...Really loud... With the fans on... In winter!

Have I mentioned we have a very small house with only one living area?

The bike has become a permanent fixture in the lounge room.
There is really no where else he can go.


Well chic isn't really the word I have for this.
It does rhyme with Chic though!
Its seems I just don't have the knack when it comes to decorating with bikes.


  1. Bikes seem to be everywhere don't they?
    It's alright by me. I've only just learnt to ride a bike and I've become obsessed by them.

  2. Hey I get this completely. My daughter has a small dragster called the "screamen demon" and she wants to hang it on her wall. i kid you not.
    So who am i to meddle with her decorating aspirations??


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