Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very serious question... for some it would seem.


Do you use it or do you detest it?
I just heard of a blogger that hates this so much she stopped following people that used it???
Seems extreme to me.
Personally Im completely indifferent but I am curious, what is it about it that riles people so much?

What is the general consensus on this one? 

And because im superstitious about posting without an image here's a pic that I used as my pc background all week in an attempt to subconsciously convince my other half that we really needed the old cinema seats I was bidding on on ebay even though we don't have any room for them...

It didn't work...

Probably not a bad thing because
I didn't win them anyway.
Shame... they were beautiful.



  1. Hmm I am guilty of using it too much, probably...but I can't seem to help!

    Hehehehe ;)

    xx Karen

  2. Yes, I use it. I also use ROFL. I try not to over use abbreviations, because I like to remember how to spell real words. Maybe that blogger just doesn't LOL enough. It's okay, there's a lot of angst against people who use the comic sans font. I understand it not being suited for professional work, but I don't mind it for other things. I guess everyone has their pet hates, but seriously I wouldn't lose too much sleep over someone leaving following my blog because I LOL or use comics sans etc. I'd much rather read these things than foul language or reading a blog written by someone on an ego trip.

    Cinema chairs - cool, sorry you missed out on them.

    Lisa x

  3. Fair enough...but it sounds a bit extreme...yet each to their own.
    I know there have been followers who have stopped following my blog because they dont like the fact that I have music playing on it...and thats fair enough...its all about choices isnt it really...we all have the luxury of "choosing " what blogs we wish to follow and why..and different things may bother different people..I dunno.
    Maybe if we all learned to LOL a bit more life would be taken a little less seriously.

  4. I don't know whether LOL means lots of laughs, or lots of love. Which does it mean? I don't use it ... I usually write HA! HA! which is a bit dated.

    Doesn't bother me really ... I get more bothered by the word verification things (I'd better check mine's off! LOL!)

  5. I dont use lol but am not against people who do. I am quite partial to a smiley face though :) Love the idea of the cinema seats!

  6. Karen~ The whole thing made me lol.

    Lisa~I hadn't heard about the comic sans font one...jeeeesh. Completely agree, I certainly wouldn't be losing sleep over it either.

    Oh and they were stunning 1950's one's, they went for a song too, I kind of "let" them go because I couldn't justify the unnecessary expense this week and we are literally full to overflowing with furniture atm.

    Anna~ I have heard the music one before and I find that an equally strange reason but true,you are so right,I guess it is all about personal choice. Everyone needs more lol in their lives. xx

  7. MMMC~ Hahaha... It means laughing out loud, I know this for sure because I asked a 16 yr old and teenagers know everything, just ask them.
    I got rid of my verification thingy too for that reason.

  8. Simone~ Im totally guilty of the smiley face.

  9. I think each to their own. I don't use it personally. I also use ha, and hope that doesn't come across as an obnoxious "ha - so there" ha. Does that make sense?

  10. I don't really use it but I don't mind it either. I know my cousins (late teens) seem to have it in nearly every FB status update. Maybe the person who took the extreem stance was the parent of teenages :)

  11. R&S~ hahaha, yep that does make sense.

    Janette~ Very good point and very possible.

  12. OMG - I love the idea of having some cinema seats! I missed out on some too. BTW - does the use of other acronyms come in the same annoying category as LOL?!

  13. Those cinema seats are cool!
    I personally can't stand "LOL", but I wouldn't stop following someone who used it.
    I was reading "Mere Male" the other day in Woman's Day. A man learned of a friend's husband passing away. He sent her a text message expressing his condolences and at the end of the message he signed off "LOL". He thought it meant "lots of love"! Bahahaha! Not funny at the time for the widow I'm sure:( But... Bahahahaha!! He felt like an idiot.

  14. I don't use it - but it doesn't fuss me. Unlike {and I'll be offending people here...} the word Bling. Drives me crazy unless you're P.Diddy there's probably no need for it.

    PS: Those seats are the most awesome thing in the world and well worth totally re-orgnasing your house for...

  15. Guess that blogger won't be following me then...LOL!!!!!..xx

  16. Wow, that's very extreme and a bit sensitive, lol! Oops! ;-) Love the seating but suffer the same space problem...


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