Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Im dreaming again

Of a big old house!
With room for the boys to play.

Riding the trike up and down the hallway (yes you heard right, there's no even ground outside to ride on and what room there is Ive junked up with 'projects') is starting to wear thin and has been causing some monster meltdowns, we are outgrowing at speed.

NOICE very very Noice.

This house is fun.
Fun is good.

I don't think spiral staircase's are fun though, Ive never really enjoyed them.

But that's fine because there is an alternative.
I really would use this.

The denim lounge is for the kids to trash.
Im finally over washing my white lounges!
Has anyone else come to their senses or are you still devoted to white slip covers, its ok I understand the addiction is strong?

Fun,  Dah...

Awww Melted heart... Kittens do that to me. Not convinced on letting it snuggle in the bassinet though, imagine the reprimanding you'd get from the visiting midwives.

Does anyone know where Id get one of these? (the bassinet not the kitten smart a's)

Via~ skonahem

I hope you're all enjoying this cooler weather I know I am, Im nearly back on track and its been very nice to return to the kitchen, the children like eating. I might even have some finished projects for you soon if this weather keeps up, Might...I said might.



  1. ooohhh I like your blog. Yes, I like white too, but alas don't have white slip covers. I think I would get sick of them pretty quick. (with 2 dogs, and an 11 year old). our family like to put our feet up on the sofa and chill. When I was a child, I knew someone who had a pole from their 2nd storey. As you can imagine - with 3 boys, it was used more than the stairs.
    Beautiful images by the way.

    Lisa x

  2. There's a baby shop in just passed Fortitude Valley called The Bub Hub from memory ... last time I was there ... possibly a year ago, I saw swinging bassinettes.

    A big house would be grand!

  3. I love your blog house... but I have an almost pathological fear of spiral staircases, so I will have to shimmy up the fire pole as well as down it.


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